About the Why Stop Smoking blog

I started this blog with the aim of helping myself, and others to ‘escape’ the trap of smoking by focussing on the ONE side-effect of smoking that young people should be aware of… as it will help you cut down and stop the habit too.

It is a piece of knowledge that needs NO scientific evidence to prove as you can witness it with your own eyes.

It is the FACT that smoking will cause premature ageing to your skin, resulting in a slowly creeping but suddenly disturbing effects on your face: You will see fine-lines and wrinkles occuring about 10 years before they should do (usually between the ages of 20-30 depending on how heavilly you smoke and your skin type, but I’ve seen it on girls as young as 17).

At school and in papers / media / cigarette warnings / etc. they always focus on the LONG-TERM risk of lung cancer and heart-desiese. Whilst I agree those risks should be highlighted, it is very evident that teenagers and YOUNG PEOPLE CANNOT RELATE TO THE RISKS of premature death caused by lifelong smoking. It is too easy for them to imagine that they will ‘give-up’ at some moment in time in their 20’s perhaps by which time they will be safe from the harms of longterm smoking. The FACT is, there will never be an easy time when it seems a good idea to give up smoking to defend against long-term cancer risk and premature death.

If you FOCUS on something ALL young people care about – their appearance, their sexual attractivenesss and the harm smoking WILL do them, they are more likely to break the habit and be put off starting it again.


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